Why Use Local Contractors

There are two business models in the HVAC industry for how to handle these questions and help customers. These business models are what, by in large, divide the smaller independent local contractors from the large big-box franchised HVAC companies.

The large corporate business model involves: a receptionist whose job is to handle your call and “take you out of the market” by scheduling an appointment right away. Next, you will have a commissioned salesperson (not a technician) visit you in your home, and after he or she “closes the sale” you will finally get a technician to your house.

Our business model involves you speaking with the owner, or the technician who will be fixing your problem directly. No middle man (or woman), no floating prices or car-salesman tactics and extended warranties that promise better service if you pay more. This is why our customers love us, and why we get the job done right the first time for the lowest cost.

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